Graduation Information

Welcome to our Graduation page! This is your one stop place for all things that have to do with graduation; we will post all updates here.

Class of 2020!

Commencement for the class of 2020 will take place on Wednesday, July 15 at 9:00 a.m. at Cantrell Stadium on the campus of McEachern High School.

 Important Information:

  • All graduates must have a cap, gown, and tassel to participate.
  • Graduates and guests are strongly encouraged to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose.
  • Graduates and guests should not attend if they are exhibiting any symptoms or feeling ill.
  • All graduates must be dressed appropriately.
  • All graduates and guests must submit to a temperature scan and symptom screening prior to entry to the stadium.
  • Graduates must report 90 minutes prior to your ceremony start time. They are to report to HPEW for check-in, temperature scan, symptom screening, and line up.
  • All graduates will receive a line-up card.
    • The card will be used for line-up and be passed to the reader for the name to be announced.
    • Graduates must keep this card in their possession.
    • If the name has unusual pronunciation, the graduate should meet with the reader upon check-in.
  • After the recessional, graduates must go directly to their vehicle and depart the campus. Graduates and guests are not to congregate on campus.

Graduate Arrival Time and Attire

All Hillgrove graduates must arrive to McEachern HPEW BY 7:30 a.m. This is important considering any screening or prep for entry by graduates and guests.

Caps and gowns must be worn by graduating seniors.

Ladies: Wear a solid colored dress and comfortable shoes (flats or wedges are recommended due to turf). Do not wear dresses that hang longer than your gown.

Men: Wear a white collared shirt, solid black pants, and closed toe shoes.

Caps: Place on top of the head so that the mortarboard is flat and not tilted on the back of the head. Do your best to adjust your hair accordingly, and make sure your hat is secure. Do not put any type of decoration on top of your mortarboard.

Even though it will be hot, the commencement ceremony is still a formal, dignified event. In an effort to make for a pleasant experience please adhere to the following:

  • No bags, track bags, or purses during line up.
  • Refrain from chewing gum during the event.
  • No air horns or balloons.